Fresh Food

We care about serving you the very best of America. From farm to fork, we really do get the best possible quality straight to your plate. At GC we’re all about the food we cook! Everything we do revolves around big bold flavours, exciting dishes, great new experiences and...

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Real People

People are our blood and lifeline, it’s whats key to making us so unique. It’s the rock and pillar that we build and pride our service on. We make a conscious effort to employ an eclectic mix of people and pride ourselves on the different people who are able...

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Us & Them

We’re a brand of humble beginnings with a big story to tell the world about. You see we’re not the same as other chains, we’re proud to be GC “Grand Central Bar & Grill is an Authentic American restaurant and bar specialising in real home-cooked and fresh bold food,...

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From charity work to charitable donations, we’ve always been the ones to help where possible. We care about the community around us. Being family owned means that we have an obligation and pride to give something back. We have worked with many charities over the years and have raised...

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