Fresh Food

We care about serving you the very best of America.

From farm to fork, we really do get the best possible quality straight to your plate.

At GC we’re all about the food we cook! Everything we do revolves around big bold flavours, exciting dishes, great new experiences and transparency in where our food comes from – field to fork.

As a family owned and operated company, we are real foodies that feel our food is a good way of bringing people together and creating great experiences and memories.
From 4 hour slow cooked St Louis Cut ribs to marinated chicken and pepper skewers, our food is focused on flavour and the feeling you get when you try something new and amazing.

We have an ethos and belief that good food takes time and when it’s fresh you really can taste the morals of the restaurant you are dining in, as real foodies we want to express this in as many ways as we can