Real People

People are our blood and lifeline, it’s whats key to making us so unique.

It’s the rock and pillar that we build and pride our service on.

We make a conscious effort to employ an eclectic mix of people and pride ourselves on the different people who are able to bring that special something to our restaurants.

Spending a lot of time having people who reflect who we are and our independently operated, and family owned ethos makes our Guests experiences that more important and unique. If you have visited before you would have noticed that our servers know their menus inside and out, and that your food was cooked with love and care.

You will have also noticed that our people are just like our Guests in a lot of ways, and this is what we look for. Our ongoing training is key though and we make sure that (whilst they are given trial opportunities from time to time) we make sure our teams are fully aware of what makes an experience for a Guest that little bit more perfect