Design your own Halloween “Frankenshake”

by Elaine Duncan

A FREE Freakshake for anyone that enters

Dont worry, you read that right.

This Halloween we will be giving away a FREE freakshake to anyone who submits an entry for our Design your own Frakenshake competition.

All you need to do is send us a drawing of your own Halloween Freak Shake and come in and grab the winning design completely for free! (That means even if you dont win you still get a free freakshake!).

You’ll be able to redeem your Frankenshake once the winning submission is chosen, during our halloween weekend

Download Frankenshake template

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The stuff you need to know:

Frakenshakes (Halloween Freak shakes) can only be redeemed for free if the following criteria is met:

  • You must have submitted a Frankenshake design online and must of received a valid confirmation email from Grand Central Resturants in order to redeem your free Freakshake.
  • The Frankenshake will only be redeemable during our Halloween Weekend (28/10/16 – 31/10/16)
  • There is no age limit to submissions.
  • Submissions must include what items are within the Frankenshake.
  • Submissions deadline is 3pm GMT 24th October 2016.

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Frankenshake competition

  • Upload your Franken Shake design.