Grand Central’s must try food for 2017

by Elaine Duncan

The new year is in full swing and the team at Grand Central is working across the board to bring you the very best in fresh American food, to create awesome, lasting experiences with us.

Our top food picks for 2017

At the end of 2016 we introduced a new menu to celebrate the launch of our Chelmsford restaurant. This introduced some tasty new additions while keeping the favourites you all know and love.

We asked our chefs what their favourite picks for 2017 were

Englishman in New York

Starting any good day off means you need a real filling and tasty breakfast. With Eggs, sunny-side-up, pork sausages, bacon, potato rosti, baked beans, portobello mushroom, grilled tomato & toast, where can you go wrong?

When creating our breakfast menu, we just knew we couldn’t not include the classic british breakfast. That’s why we added our American twist to a long time favourite.


The result?

A meal that will truly fill you up and fuel you for the day, (but you better leave room for a GC Lunch too!)

This is simply one of our most favourite ways to start the day!

Grand Central Combo for 2

Make sure you’re hungry before feasting on this dish.

Of course you could eat this between the two of you, but where is the fun in that? As a meal on it’s own, there’s no need for a starter or sides with this Combo for 2.


Complete with BBQ wings, baby back ribs, chicken skewers, salt ‘n’ pepper squid, nachos, hush puppies and dips, you’ll be full for days.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry perhaps you want to upgrade to the combo for 4?

10oz USDA Ribeye

This is in our chef’s top picks for one very special reason.

Bigger than any other of our normal steaks, this 10oz steaks is U.S. Department of Agriculture Prime graded.


What does this mean?

USDA Prime is the superior grade for amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor and fine texture. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and is derived from the younger beef.

The beef we use is meticulously graded. Only beef that is USDA inspected may carry the USDA shield of authenticity. This grading system ensures the quality rating of beef based upon a very complicated inspection system which measures the amount of marbling (fat specs) in the ribeye muscle (lean) portion and combines the maturity (age) of the beef carcass to determine the inspected grade.

Whole Lobster

If there is one dish that couldn’t get any fresher, it would be our whole lobsters.

Straight from Nova Scotia our lobsters are kept fresh moments before preparation. This creates a premium tasting dish, served with salad, fries and garlic butter.  


If you’re a fan of crab and prawns then the combination of flavours created by the Nova Scotia climate, and the abundance of lobster meat will keep you both happy and well fed.

The Juicy

This dish has been a fan favourite ever since it’s introduction.

We wanted to find a way to make the perfect burger experience. While everyone else was placing cheese and bacon on top of their burgers, we decided to place it inside ours.

We’ve taken the classic beef burger that everyone loves and gave it an upgrade. This beef patty is doubled in size and filled with mozzarella, cheddar and chopped bacon, smothered in bbq sauce.


If you didn’t think it could get any better then you are wrong…

One day we decided to go crazy and supercharge the Lucy. We added extra bacon and cheese on top of the burger to instantly create an even more satisfying meal.

Do you dare to try?

St Louis Style Ribs

We’ve always been proud of our ribs.

So much so that we decided to add another variety to our already popular baby back ribs.

St Louis Style Ribs.

These thicker, meatier and tender ribs are the holy grail of all ribs. If you are a rib fan, then these are the ones you’ve been looking for.


As with all our ribs, these have been marinated for 48 hours, slow roasted and then glazed with either a choice of BBQ or Captain Morgan’s Sauce.

The result is an astonishing mix of flavours complete with a beautifully tender rack of ribs.

Italian Gelato

It’s time to get into deserts.

While our chefs could spend all day listing off our cast of amazing desserts, (think cookie dough cheesecake, or triple layer chocolate fudge cake.) there’s one new addition to the family.

It’s our tubs of Italian Gelato, and you’re in for a treat


You can choose from the following toppings:

  • Mint Choc Chip and Chocolate Liqueur
  • Lemon Meringue and Limoncello
  • Blueberry Cheesecake and Sloe Gin

Using pipettes loaded with flavour, and a silky, vanilla Italian ice cream base, you surely won’t be left disappointed.

(Available at selected restaurants only, always check ahead.)


This is exactly what it sounds like.

Ok maybe not exactly, but it is a good bit of fun.

As our answer to a milkshake dessert, and technically coming under drinks, we just couldn’t resist the urge to include it.

You’ll be able to choose between a Choc brownie disaster and a New York cheesecake (and sometime’s we’ll have a special on!).


But what does this include?

Well how does the sound of a Chocolate or vanilla milkshake topped with brownie & choc sauce or cheesecake & meringue, with loads of squirty cream sound?


Yep we thought so.

That’s our top food picks for you to try this 2017.

Let us know what your favourite dish is and we may feature it on the website. Along with the opening of our new Thetford restaurant, you may see a few new additions to this.