What’s this? A fancy new website you say?

by Elaine Duncan

That’s right, we thought it was time to show people what we are made of. So, we completely revitalised, upgraded, and perfected our sites so that you can see exactly what our restaurants have in store for you!

The first thing you probably noticed was our logo. Yep, we changed it (did you notice?).

We are an American restaurant and we think the logo should say that too. Our redesign is to show you just how yankee we are. Nice bold writing with a view of the Statue of Liberty suitably describes just that.

We worked with talented designers from the ground up to create something that was still similar to the brand you all love and know, but at the same time, brings it into the modern era.

Along with this new logo, you’ll also find our new GC badges dotted around each location. From walls to t-shirts, you’ll always know which restaurant you’re in through a GC Badge.

(psst: We’ll be releasing a full update on the behind the scenes of how our logo got to where it is today. We’ll update this article once it’s live)

Following the new design, we have a number of features on our website that will make you long for a mouth-watering meal at your local Grand Central….


The updated layout offers a unique, interactive way to discover the very best of our food near you; all that you need to know is right here in front of you. A clearer homepage with carefully designed graphics has been used to improve navigation and make it easier to find out more information about our each individual restaurant.

Currently only available for selected locations you’ll now be able to book your table online, so you can be guaranteed a seat without any extra hassle. It’s Perfect for speedy bookings.

Our Operations director, Brian McKay added, “We wanted to be able to give our guests an easy and convenient way to book their tables, without any of the fuss. Through upgrades to selected sites and soon to be all GC’s along with the launch of our new website, we’re now able to offer this through the touch of the button”
To make use of our new bookings function All you have to do is go onto grandcentralrestaurants.co.uk, chose a date, chose a table and 3, 2, 1…*

You’re booked!

That’s it. Really, that’s all. (Of course, make sure you’ve invited your friends though).

As well as this service, we will also have a redesigned menu perfect for discovering the food at your fingertips. With this, you will have a great insight to all the dishes we cook as well as any allergy information you may require.

It couldn’t be simpler.

*(please be aware that this is currently only available for our Chelmsford, Colchester, Ipswich and Ely restaurants, our Basildon site will have this function very soon!)

GC_Devices_Mockup (1)

A fresh look into our food, service and company

We are also excited to include an exclusive look into the food we serve as well as the people who help serve it.

With frequent blog posts and dedicated pages on this very site, you can see an insight into the world that GC.

Ever wondered where we source our food? Ever wondered how we achieve the American feel in our food and restaurants? If you have, great! We will be posting articles to answer all your questions all year round.


We could go on and on about the fantastic new features live to you today

It’s no lie, we could go on and on and on, with all the great features we’ve just put live, but to save you some time we’ve put it into bullet points to help you better digest it.

  • Restaurants locator
  • Visual Menu Library
  • Insight into our food, people and company
  • Online table bookings
  • Online Party Bookings
  • Online Business Bookings
  • New Online Fan club sign up
  • Dedicated site pages with details
  • Live Careers with GC postings
  • Monthly featured articles
  • Offers redeem system
  • Locations special Occasions listings

And there is much, much more planned for the future as well!

Ok, That’s enough bragging for today

So we think you get the point. To recap: we have a brilliant new website that we’re proud to show off, have given you new ways to interact with us, and given you a convenient way to book your table (with more features planned for the new future).

Of course we’re always looking for feedback, if you have any suggestions, we’re open to them! (Send them through our contact page here)

In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a mouth watering Juicy Lucy burger, or a cookie dough cheesecake by booking a table?